Early Intervention

What is Early Intervention Therapy?

Early Intervention Therapy is a set of free services for children ages 0, 1 or 2 who are demonstrating a delay. Based on the needs of the child, services can include any of the following: assistive technology, behavioral therapy, hearing services, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, special instruction, speech therapy, and /or vision therapy. Services are provided in the home so that therapists and parents can collaborate on the most effective way to help the child. If the child attends daycare or preschool, services can be provided there as well. If the family and therapist think community outings would be helpful for the child, services can be provided in places like a library, grocery store, or a playground.

How do I get set up with Early Invention?

You Simply call your local county EI office and request an evaluation. Just find your number under the county you live in. Don’t worry, it is easy and they do a great job!

Cumberland/Perry County

(717) 240-6320

Dauphin County

(717) 441-7034

Franklin County

(717) 709-4321

Lancaster County

(717) 399-7323

Chester County

(610) 344-5948

York County

(717) 771-9618